Why We Need Green Space Now More than Before 

Over the past few months that we are experiencing the global pandemic brought by the COVID-19. Most of the people are forced to stay indoors, and businesses are forced to stop their activities. It is like people are forced to stop for a while.  

This is where we begin to realize how important having a good and relaxing environment can be especially when we are experiencing restrictions and mental stress due to the pandemic. The trees we have in our lawn and backyard could help us unwind while being lock in our property, restricted to go to places we want. This is why services like tree care and tree removal Charlottesville have become more relevant to homeowners now.  


Some of the people who want to breathe fresh air and escape the enveloping walls of their house while at the same time want to practice social distancing go to green parks and/or their garden. The greens and the fresh air calm the mind and refreshes the eyes. The green spaces during a pandemic can be very helpful in maintaining good mental and physical health amid the stress and melancholy most people experience because of isolation.  

Green spaces, as mentioned here, are not just good for destressing but also for maintaining a healthy body. According to some research, a community that has more trees and green spaces is more resilient compared to other communities. This is because the trees and plants provide them cleaner air, water, lower energy consumption, reduced heat and stress, and other benefits. This is also true to cities that have more trees on them.  

This is the very reason why more and more people are gaining awareness of how important providing green spaces to the public and make these spaces freely available to them. Parks can be planted with trees and some barren spaces can be used for planting more plants and greens. Tress may take several years to grow, but it is important to start creating steps right now.  

Planting trees does not just help us have a healthier mental state and body, nor does it create a healthier and more resilient community, but it also serves the environment in a good way. More trees and greens mean more instruments to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen.  

There is a need for the state and the federal government to invest in green infrastructure as well as community forestry programs to address not just temporary global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic but also the persisting global warming that we are experiencing today.  

It is time to make green space a necessity in public areas, and the people to be provided with free and accessible areas that are green and fresh for the eyes. This will also make the public appreciate and value more times where they get outside and experience the fresh breeze brought by the trees and plants.  

Also, providing them access to green spaces will also boost their health and make their mental state more relaxed, creating healthier citizens.  

Of course, you can start going green in your backyard and lawn.  

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